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Hochzeitsplaner München



We love to design, plan and create your unique dream wedding. Lean back and enjoy your planning time with professional wedding planners.

We look forward to creating unforgettable moments with you and converting your wishes into reality. We have specialised in luxury weddings and destination weddings for many years. That's why we plan and design only a few weddings each year in order to be able to ensure our high-level of quality, individuality and creativity together with our trusted service partners.



Hochzeitsplaner München
Hochzeitsplaner München
Hochzeitsplaner München
Hochzeitsplaner München

Do you have a precise idea for your wedding or your event and still need a professional contact person on the day of your wedding or your event who will take care of everything running smoothly, coordinate the service providers and take care of all the questions and requests of the guests?

Then I look forward to being at your side on this day and taking over all organizational issues so that you can enjoy your very special day to the fullest without any worries.


Preliminary talks & coordination with all booked service providers

In order to support you in your wedding planning, we offer you three joint consultations of 60 minutes each during the planning phase to prepare for the wedding day. Here you can ask questions about your wedding planning and we are at your disposal with advice and action. In addition, a few days before the wedding, together with your booked service providers, we coordinate the schedule and your tasks on the wedding day so that everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Contact person for your guests and service providers

On the wedding day we are at your guests' and service providers' side and support you with all questions and challenges.

Control & Coordination on the day of the Wedding

We stand by your side on your big day and you can always fall back on us. We make sure that every service provider knows what to do when and you can enjoy your day with your loved ones at any time.



Hochzeitsplaner München
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Hochzeitsplaner München
Hochzeitsplaner München

From the location search to the planning of your wedding day, we take care of all your individual wishes. This includes, among other things:


Location Search

Your wedding location is the basis for every further planning step. That's why we choose at least 3 locations for you that fit your ideas and budget.

Show Acts & Music

“What a vibe!”

We also have the motto for this service: Your wedding should not only look beautiful, but also be an experience for you and your guests. Depending on how you imagine your day to be, we will introduce you to show acts, show / party bands, singers and DJs who will create the right atmosphere on your big day.

Wedding Design & Concept

The design board is the basis for the design of your wedding. All details are summarized here - it is the common thread for any assignment of our partners and service providers. Starting with the color concept through to the name cards. All design details are taken into account and coordinated with you.

Decoration & Floristry

An important part of your wedding is the look - we attach great importance to the services of decoration (incl. lighting design, etc.) and floristry, as this strongly influences the mood of your wedding day and gives you and your guests the WOW effect.

Free Weddings

At least one tear should flow at your free wedding ceremony, regardless of whether it is due to emotions or joy. We have the best partners and service providers at hand so that the right wedding speaker makes your wedding unique and special.

Accommodation & Transport​

For destination weddings or guests who are arriving, we are happy to organize a hotel contingent as well as a shuttle service to the wedding location and back.

Time & Budget Planning
Furniture & Interior Design

In addition to the decoration and floristry, the furniture and the interior design round off the look and design of your wedding. We look forward to advising you on the large selection of furniture and interior design using our coordinated design board.

Catering & Patisserie

"Wow - that was delicious!"

We often hear such sentences from our bridal couples and their guests. That is exactly our goal: the wedding should not only look good, but also take you on a culinary journey. Starting with the pre-wedding dinner / bachelorette party, followed by your big day (reception, aperitif, dinner & wedding cake) and finally with a great brunch together. We look forward to diving into the world of wedding menus with you.

Photography & Videography

This is what you have left from the wedding: memories, photos and videos.

Therefore, this item is also very important during the planning. Depending on the style of photography and videography, we select at least 3 service providers per sector that suits your ideas and budget. We have been working with professional partners and service providers from all over the world for years and are happy to share them with you.

An important part of the overall planning is the budget. We determine this together with you and divide it into individual items based on our experience over the past few years. We also set the schedule for your wedding day. This schedule serves as the basis for our communication and the briefing of all service providers involved and for coordination on the wedding day.

Contact person for your guests and service providers

At any point during the entire planning phase, we are the point of contact for you, your guests and service providers for all questions relating to the wedding, so that you can relax and do not have to worry about organization and coordination.

Wedding Stationery

The first insight that your guests get from you about the wedding are the save-the-date cards or invitation cards. They form the gateway for the ideas of your guests around your wedding day. With the best graphic designers, calligraphers, illustrators and printers at hand, we look forward to bringing you closer to the possibilities of wedding stationery and starting your individual design using your design board.

Control & Coordination on the day of the Wedding

Only one thing applies on this day: Lean back and enjoy! We take care of everything to do with the preparation, the process and the follow-up. We are always accessible and there for you. No request is ever too much. We are happy every time the big day comes and you experience every moment full of joy and love.

Hochzeitsplanung München



Each of my bridal couples is very important to me, so your satisfaction and personal touch are my top priority. I look forward to getting to know you and creating unforgettable moments together with you.




In an individual consultation (virtually or personally) we get to know each other and you share your ideas, wishes and details about your big day with me. ​ Afterwards I can create an individual offer for you, which is tailored exactly to your wedding / event.



So that your ideas are implemented exactly as you wish, we create an individual & creative design concept for your big day, which serves as the basis for all further fine-tuning & details. ​ Lean back and let our ideas overwhelm you.



Now our joint planning journey begins - starting with the perfect location & all other partners that suit you and your big day. ​ Thanks to my many years of international experience, you benefit from my network and empathy, on the basis of which I make the right choice for you.



Finally the time has come: together with your guests you can laugh, smile, marvel and enjoy your unique day, as well as celebrate yourself and your love!

Our Process


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Full FAQ



  • The most frequently asked question is how much do our full wedding planning or coordination services cost?
    There is no general answer to this question and it depends on many factors (e.g. area / country of the wedding, number of wedding days & guests, ideas & wishes, overall budget, etc.). Each of our weddings and bridal couples is very different. In order to make you an individual offer for our services and to be able to consult you in the best way possible, we always suggest a non-binding virtual consultation. In this way we get to know your wishes and ideas, based on that information we are able to create an individual offer which is perfectly tailored to you.
  • In which countries do you plan weddings?
    Wherever our customers want their wedding to be! Whether on a small island or in a big city, we look forward to every wedding all around the world. In recent years we have been able to plan, design and implement many weddings throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. We are happy to discuss with you your destination wedding.
  • When did you start your wedding planning journey?
    You can manage the title in the app's Settings tab. If you don't want to show the title, simply deactivate the title under "Show info".
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